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Windchill is production-proven content and process management software.

Whether your organization is a global conglomerate, a regional supplier, or a small service bureau, you face many obstacles trying to manage product content and development processes. The fact is, your company’s success relies on having efficient business processes and effective development of complex information assets, including product designs, service documentation, and regulatory submissions.

Windchill, PTC’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for managing product content and processes, offers a powerful, proven solution. Fast, secure, and Web-based, this business collaboration software enables companies to streamline product development processes and deliver superior physical goods and information products.

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Features and Benefits

  • Single source of product information/content enables development efficiencies, reduces errors and rework
  • Complete product definition and collaboration capabilities expertly drive cross-enterprise understanding of information - regardless of source
  • Repeatable, end-to-end process support and automation speeds time-to-market and reduces development cost
  • Secure, industry-standard Internet architecture delivers a safe, high-performing technology platform

Other Windchill Products

Windchill flexPLM

Product Lifecycle Management for Consumer Products, Retail, Footwear & Apparel Industries.

Dealing with fast fashion, private-label goods, and branded lines is challenging enough. And yet, also face of host of other issues common to all manufacturers today, such as cost, quality, time-to-market, regulatory compliance, and the need to coordinate a global workforce.

PTC FlexPLM can help address both industry-specific challenges and everyday business pressures. It offers a high-performance, Web-based platform that brings together globally distributed teams. Plus, it provides line planning, specification management, merchandizing, and other essential PLM capabilities for managing your company’s complete assortment of products. Learn why global leaders like Liz Claiborne, Nike and Patagonia trust their product development to PTC FlexPLM.

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Windchill Compliance

Reduce risk with early visibility into compliance.

PTC Windchill Compliance – formerly InSight Environmental Compliance – tracks and manages the compliance of products, beginning early in the innovation process and continuing throughout the product lifecycle. The solution leverages PTC Windchill Materials & Substances to capture supplier data and integrate with your existing enterprise systems for real-time bill-of-material (BOM) and product data. PTC Windchill Compliance provides current, accurate visibility into product compliance, and evidence of due diligence for regulations and customer requirements. And, it's an industry-proven enterprise solution used by leading manufacturers.

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Windchill PDMLink

Product and process control.

Data that’s hard-to-find or unreliable can hinder innovation and productivity for any manufacturing team. However, when all product stakeholders are accessing a single, trusted, central data repository, manufacturers have the power to expertly manage all forms of digital product development data – including mechanical, electrical and software.

PTC Windchill PDMLink is the ideal solution. Web-based for easy enterprise-wide access, this industry-proven product data management (PDM) system supports geographically dispersed teams while managing critical processes such as change/configuration management, and detailed design. PTC Windchill PDMLink also serves as the foundation for many optional modules such as Pro/INTRALINK, PTC Windchill MPMLink, PTC Windchill PartsLink and PTC Windchill Supplier Management. Now anyone, anywhere within the enterprise or extended supply chain can communicate and collaborate on product development by accessing the tools in PTC Windchill PDMLink.

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